Nicki: “I’ll win Kanye’s heart anytime I want to”

There must be something more to the headlines Nicki Minaj has been making lately about her comments on Kanye and Kim.

The female rapper recently accused Kanye West of having double standards by marrying Kim Kardashian and going against the lyrics from his song Gold Digger.

In his 2005 hit the rapper blasted black men who left their partners for a “white girl” once they were rich.

Minaj felt that not only is this a very real issue for women of colour, but that West has now done exactly that.

Nicki has since given a different meaning to his words which entertainment pundits suggest “it’s a pressure from her management” to ensure peace exits between both camps.

In Nicki’s latest tweet, she’s played smart by telling the world that “it was a funny coincidence that West ended up with Kim.”

Despite making a U-turn with the meanings to her comments, Nicki has said again that she would win Kanye’s heart from Kim anytime she wants to.

No doubt that Nicki has a crush on Kanye and this is responsible for her recent comments about the couple.

Will Kanye ever date Nicki?

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