BREAKING NEWS: Harry Redknapp loses wife to death after driving over her

Sandra Harris, wife of the director Wimborne Town Football Club, Harry Redknapp has passed on, husband announces in a statement.

According to Harry Redknapp, Sandra Harris was rushed to hospital after her foot became trapped inside his Range Rover as he drove off from dropping her to go shopping.

The former Spurs manager, 69, is said to have driven off but did not notice her foot, and coat, were caught as he pulled away.

His wife, also 69, was reportedly dragged along a road in Westbourne, Bournemouth, causing serious injury.

A shopkeeper told The Sun: “A customer said he had run over his wife’s foot.

“I heard Harry was driving and he accidentally ran her over when she got out.”

They were married for 49 years with two children.

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