Bellew vs Flores: “One life would be lost” – Prophet who predicted Thai King’s death says

NEW YORK – A prophet from Ghana, a country in Western Africa, who is reported to have predicted the death of the King of Thailand months before he died has a chilling prophecy for Bellew vs Flores’s bout.

The Prophet, Prophet Baffour Gyawu, popularly known as Wonders of Believers and Wonders Ministries, when preaching on Peace FM Friday afternoon prophesied that: “the fight between Bellew and Flores would lead one to the graves. Just like how it happened to Mike Towell.”

He did not mention who among them was going to die.

Prophet Baffour Gyawu predicted in one of his sunday services in the month of April this year that a great King in Asia would leave his people mourning from October 13, 2016.

When the Thai King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej took ill, several radio stations interview Prophet Baffour but he refused to admit that the King in question was that of Thailand. According to him, he speaks what God is telling him and as such do not mention names when he has not been told.

The prophet is also said to have predicted the country’s electon results and a flood that killed over 150 people in June 2015.

According to the prophet, the media do not give attention to his prophecies and as such all his predictions are limited to his congregation.

All is set for Friday night as the boxers have weighed in earlier today.

Tony Bellew weighed in slightly heavier than BJ Flores for Saturday’s WBC cruiserweight title fight and then assured fans he is ready to do whatever it takes to beat the brash American.

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